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More Buy Music Here Store Features:

Featured Products

You control all featured product placements. Promote the titles you choose on your home page and l department pages. Insert and change featured products using the web-based Store Manager.

Online Reports

Extensive online reports allow you to track sales, revenue, customers, best sellers, e-mail lists, affiliates, web site traffic and much more.

Create Affiliates

Create your own affiliate network and pay commissions to others who send shoppers to your online store. It's a snap to set up new affiliates and track their sales and commissions.

B2B Relationships

Create B2B relationships with other online stores in the Buy Music Here network. Share your own unique products across the network.

Shipping Calculation

Easily set and edit shipping options, shipping carriers and shipping charges by weight or number of items purchased. Apply shipping options by country and/or state. You decide which states and/or countries you will ship to. Integrate with UPS real-time shipping quotes.

Tax Calculation

Easily set and edit sales tax rates and jurisdictions by country, state, zip code or any combination for domestic or foreign orders.

Electronic Gift Certificates

Sell and redeem electronic gift certificates through your online store.
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