Providing online stores for independent retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Buy Music Here?

Buy Music Here is the premiere ecommerce provider of online music and video stores for independent retailers. Buy Music Here has been building and maintaining online music and video stores since 2000 and has clients, both large and small, across the U.S.


What will my domain name be?

The choice is yours. You can use Buy Music Here's top-level domain (included in our standard monthly fees and setup fee.) Under this scenario, your store's web address would be Or you can use your own unique top-level domain such as Under this scenario you'll need to secure your domain name (if you haven't already done this.) Second, there is an additional $50/month fee and one-time setup fee of $250. Third, you'll need to buy your own SSL security certificate (which costs approximately $200/year.) We can help you with all of the above.


How much does a Buy Music Here online store cost?

Once you've signed a contract there is a one-time setup fee of $995 (payable by check or credit card) which includes a custom graphic design and color scheme. There is a $295/month fee for a music or video store or a $490/month fee for a combined music and video store. There is an additional 2.5% transaction fee. Optional features and services available for an additional fee.


How much profit can I expect on each sale?

Profit margin is dependent on a variety of factors including the retail selling prices you set and whether you choose to make additional margin on shipping charges to consumers.


Can I discount or mark up titles?

You control the retail selling prices using our pricing rules system and you can also set and change prices for individual products.


What content does Buy Music Here provide?

Buy Music Here provides a searchable database of hundreds of thousands of music titles and DVDs available for online purchase. We deliver millions of streaming song previews, product descriptions, cover art and recording details from Wikipedia and other sources, the number one provider of online catalog information for entertainment commerce.


How do I process credit card transactions?

Buy Music Here supports real-time automated and secure online credit card transactions or you can process credit card transactions offline using a physical terminal. A credit card merchant account is required. If you do not currently have a credit card merchant account we can help you set one up with our preferred vendor CardPay.


How is order fulfillment handled. Who ships the orders?

Buy Music Here provides online stores to many different types of music and video retailers. Some have brick-and-mortar physical locations and some are Internet-only retailers who do not stock their own inventory. You may ship your own orders or work with one of our order fulfillment partners such as Baker & Taylor or Super D/Phantom Imports. Here are the choices for order fulfillment:

  1. You can utilize Baker & Taylor’s direct-to-consumer Internet fulfillment services wherein Baker & Taylor ships products from their vast inventory directly to consumers on your behalf with packing slips and invoices that carry your branding. Baker & Taylor then bills you for the wholesale cost of the products plus shipping and handling fees.
  2. You can utilize Super D/Phantom Imports’ direct-to-consumer Internet fulfillment services wherein Super D/Phantom Imports ships products from their vast inventory directly to consumers on your behalf with packing slips and invoices that carry your branding. Super D/Phantom Imports then bills you for the wholesale cost of the products plus shipping and handling fees.
  3. You can ship orders from your own inventory.
  4. You can use a combination of the above wherein you ship certain items from your own inventory and other items are shipped by one of our fulfillment partners.


Who handles customer service?

If you ship your own orders you handle customer service inquiries. If you utilize the direct-to-consumer Internet fulfillment services of one of our fulfillment partners then you can either handle your own customer service or Buy Music Here can provide email and phone customer service to your shoppers for competitive hourly rates.


Do you offer a completely hands-off solution that requires no work on my part to maintain the online store, deal with orders and customer service?

Yes. Certain clients prefer that Buy Music Here maintains and updates the content, processes all credit card transactions, oversees orders and shipments via our partners’ Internet fulfillment services and handles customer service. We provide these services for competitive hourly rates. At the end of the month we simply write you a check for the net profits after deducting all expenses related to the above and your monthly store fees.


Are Buy Music Here online stores secure?

Our shopping cart provides industry-standard security using SSL (secure sockets layer) technology. SSL encrypts the information sent to our servers during the checkout process so that third parties can not intercept and decode it.


Who owns the customer data?

All customer data belongs to you. We do not share customer data with any third parties for any purpose without your authorization.